Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to our New Midwife!

Hello, my name is Bobbie Boyd. I come from a small town, Ragersville, in Ohio. In my
fun-loving family of 6, I share the youngest spot with my twin sister, Brianne.

My interest in midwifery started when a midwife in my hometown was put in jail for using pitocin to stop a woman from bleeding too much after having her baby. Ohio does not permit midwives to be licensed, thus they practice without licenses to meet the needs of women requesting out of hospital births. Her jailing raised huge debates in our community - a community that has a high population of Amish
families who use midwives for their births. Was it a crime that this skilled midwife used
an appropriate drug to save a woman’s life? The political aspects surrounding midwifery
and families’ freedom to choose to birth their babies outside of the medical establishment
were revolutionary to me. The more I read books like Spiritual Midwifery by Ina Mae
Gaskin, the more passionate I became.

A homebirth midwife, Dotti Kirkpatrick, gave me the opportunity to apprentice with
her while I was enrolled in the National College of Midwifery. With Dotti, I attended
homebirths and developed a wonderful foundation of childbirth as being safe, natural and
normal in the family’s home.

During the time that I apprenticed under Dotti, I became increasingly aware of the
maternal and neonatal complexities in the developing world and felt strongly called to
offer midwifery care to women and babies who are in desperate need. This led me to
Mercy in Action, a midwifery mission’s school, which emphasizes working and training
in the developing world. I served in the Philippines where our student tuition paid for the
running of a free clinic for the poor. I was able to attend many women prenatally, in labor,
birth, and postpartum at the clinic. I discovered how basic midwifery care, nutritional
counsel, and support with breastfeeding can make a positive and dramatic impact on
individuals and a community.

After the Philippines, I returned to Ohio and volunteered at an Amish and Mennonite
birthing center in New Bedford, Ohio. The clinic has two staff midwives: Sandra Hess,
CPM and an Amish midwife, Clara Nisley. During my time with these women I learned
more about herbs, waterbirths and became more understanding of the Amish lifestyle.

I am honored to be a midwife here at the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center. I
commit myself to an evidence-based practice of midwifery that is always evolving, safe
and compassionate to the individual needs and aspects of each mother and baby.


Stacy said...

Welcome, Bobbie! I am an old friend of Kiersten's and check out this blog every once in a while. Perhaps someday I will meet you when we come to Taos next!

Take care,

the reynolds said...

Hey Bobbie!! I just happened to come across your blog while looking for a website for the New Bedford Care Center. I was SO surprised to see it's you! I really enjoyed meeting you and doing that one birth together last March.I've often thought of you & wondered what became of you!:)I love what I see of what you are doing! God's blessings as you continue! ~Amy Reynolds (Freida's helper :)