Monday, November 26, 2007

Ryder Patrick Maguire

We had to use our four-wheel drive this morning to get up the snowy mountain canyon to do a homevisit on the new thanksgiving baby Ryder Patrick Maguire who weighed 7 lbs 5.5 ozs and was born Thanksgiving morning at 9:50 am. Congratulations to the new parents: Shelley and Anthony Maguire.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to our new Receptionist!

Hi! I'm Elena Trujillo. I am thrilled to have returned to Taos after nearly three years on the Big Island of Hawaii... where my beautiful 'Amale'a Angelica ['Ama= bright, light; le'a= happiness] was born. She was born in water under a full moon in Kealakekua Bay on September 17, 2005 (at home with a Midwife attending!). It is an honor to be joining the family at NNMMC where I have the great pleasure of working with all the Mommies, Daddies and Babies of our community.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good-bye and Thank you!

We were lucky to have two high school students from the same high school that Elizabeth Gilmore (The founder of the Birth Center) attended as a young woman visit for two weeks. Cori and Chantal drove here from Sedona, Arizona to observe Midwives and Apprentices in action. They attended prenatals, postpartums and attended all meetings. We were so sad to see them go - they were enthusiastic, intelligent and helpful. A big thank you to you both! We will miss you.... and if either of you ever decide to become midwives - we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thayde Torres Cuevas

Thayde Torres Cuevas came into the world Thursday November 15th at 3:17 a.m and was welcomed by her parents Raquel Cuevas & Antonio Torres. She weighed a whopping 8 pounds 0.6 ounces and was 21 inches long. Felicitaciones to her whole family!

Welcome to our New Midwife!

Hello, my name is Bobbie Boyd. I come from a small town, Ragersville, in Ohio. In my
fun-loving family of 6, I share the youngest spot with my twin sister, Brianne.

My interest in midwifery started when a midwife in my hometown was put in jail for using pitocin to stop a woman from bleeding too much after having her baby. Ohio does not permit midwives to be licensed, thus they practice without licenses to meet the needs of women requesting out of hospital births. Her jailing raised huge debates in our community - a community that has a high population of Amish
families who use midwives for their births. Was it a crime that this skilled midwife used
an appropriate drug to save a woman’s life? The political aspects surrounding midwifery
and families’ freedom to choose to birth their babies outside of the medical establishment
were revolutionary to me. The more I read books like Spiritual Midwifery by Ina Mae
Gaskin, the more passionate I became.

A homebirth midwife, Dotti Kirkpatrick, gave me the opportunity to apprentice with
her while I was enrolled in the National College of Midwifery. With Dotti, I attended
homebirths and developed a wonderful foundation of childbirth as being safe, natural and
normal in the family’s home.

During the time that I apprenticed under Dotti, I became increasingly aware of the
maternal and neonatal complexities in the developing world and felt strongly called to
offer midwifery care to women and babies who are in desperate need. This led me to
Mercy in Action, a midwifery mission’s school, which emphasizes working and training
in the developing world. I served in the Philippines where our student tuition paid for the
running of a free clinic for the poor. I was able to attend many women prenatally, in labor,
birth, and postpartum at the clinic. I discovered how basic midwifery care, nutritional
counsel, and support with breastfeeding can make a positive and dramatic impact on
individuals and a community.

After the Philippines, I returned to Ohio and volunteered at an Amish and Mennonite
birthing center in New Bedford, Ohio. The clinic has two staff midwives: Sandra Hess,
CPM and an Amish midwife, Clara Nisley. During my time with these women I learned
more about herbs, waterbirths and became more understanding of the Amish lifestyle.

I am honored to be a midwife here at the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center. I
commit myself to an evidence-based practice of midwifery that is always evolving, safe
and compassionate to the individual needs and aspects of each mother and baby.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Emma Rose Millican

Felicia and Sam Millican welcomed the beautiful Emma Rose last night, November 10, 2007 at 8:54 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 2.5 ozs and is an incredible nurser! "It was hard, but it in the end it was all worth it! She is such a miracle." -Felicia

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Call for Submissions

Hello! We are creating a new Blog to create a wonderful community of sharing of birth stories, pregnancy stories, photos and everything related. Please feel free to contribute stories, photos or anything that you feel you would like to share. Watch the blog, because soon we will have birth announcements of all the new babies that are born!

Feel free to send this link to everyone and anyone. I think you will all enjoy this!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

1000 People Campaign Members

Alex Harris
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Graves and Daniel Swayne
A'Maya Pettibone
Ana Easter
Anais Rumfelt
Andrew and Roberta Gonzalez
Anna Khamsamran
Apple Tree Restaurant
Barbara and Walter Jakiela
Barry Norris
Becky Whitehead
Beth Enson and Ray Garcia
Bent Street Cafe
Betty and Richard Hinds
Bill Davis
Billy and Lyn Knight
Black Mesa Winery
Bob Smith
Blue Rain Gallery
Briana Valencia
Brodsky Bookstore
Cafe Renato
Carl and Romy Colonius
Carmen Resnick
Cat Thompson
Centinel Bank
Charles and Xenia Stevens
Charles McGarity and Judith Casillas
Charlie Strong
Chris and Elena Pieper
Chris Baker/ The Taos News
Chris Madrid
Chris Morel
CJ Crawford
Christy Santoro
Claudia Kleefeld
Cody and Maija West
Comadres Gallery
Coyote Moon
Dan and Linda Cassidy
Darren Cordova
David and Judy Buck
Dawn Teufel
Deborah McLean
Debra and Richard Bingham
Dennis Romero
Desert Blends
Diana Freeland
Dimond Mortgage
Doc Geyer
Donna Clair
Dora Levit and Cathy Underwood
Doug and Stacey Swinehart
Duane O'Hagen
Dragonfly Cafe
Dwight and Lynne Morris
Earth Garden
El Monte Sagrado
El Porvenir
Elen and Winton Wood
Eliana Lerman
Elizabeth Gilmore
Elizabeth and Oscar Palacios
Eliu Romero
Emma Gemmell
Erin Currier
Erin Mojica
Eve Miller
Falko Stein
Father Bill
Felicity Fonseca and Brian Harrison
Fiasco Fine Wines
First Community Bank
First New Mexico Title and Abstract
Flora Trujillo
Frank Libertino
Gail Russell
Gina Hawryluk and Dan Greenwald
Hal Davis
Hannah Kinderlehrer and Paul Fowler
Helga Haller
Henry Figurski
Hester Baer and Ryan Lolng
Hilary Kane
Hilary Cushing Murray
Humie Leshem
Ian and Barbara Forsberg
Inger Jirby
Isabella Kristina
JD Challenger
Jack Leustig
Jana and John Bailey
Janet Schwartz
Jen Barclay/Blue Fish
Jennifer Lancaster-Leshem
Jessica Gormley
Jessica Sherill
Jim Wiley
Joanne Myrup and Mark Daneman
Joanne Paulk
John and Carol O'Donnell
John Bradford
John Murray
Judy and David Buck
Judith Rane
Juliet Gonzales
Kaitlin Nash
Kathy Namba and Summer Wood
Karen Algren
Kathy Alcon
Kelly Shull and Ric Tredwin
Kenny Schwartz
Kevin Flores
Kevin Rebholtz
Kimberly Webber
Kristin Fielding
Kyoko Hummell
Leslie Cronin
Leigh Gusterson
Leonard and Helen Andrew
Liana and Ezra Bayles
Linda and Spike Lynch
Lisa and John Cancro
Lydia Garcia
Lynne and Dwight Morris
Marcy Andrew
Maria Samora
Mariel Nanasi and Jeffrey Haas
Marnie Cabezas Skorupa
Mary Shriver/Country Furnishings of Taos
Mary Ann Warner
Mary Lou Sahd
Maxine Nakai
Maya Torres
Melissa Cserhart
Michael Benavav
Michael Goldberg
Michele Lee
Moby Dickens
Monica Munoz/Aquila Inc.
Monique Parker
Mothering Magazine
Mountain Comfort Fursnishings
Mudd n Flood
Naomi Shihab Nye
Nancy Dimond
Nancy and Doug Bachtel
Nanette Perez
National College of Midwifery
Navarro Tele-Comm Inc.
Nicole Maillis
Nikki Fontaine
Nikki Ross and Jake Caldwell
Olga Torres Reid
Pangea Organics
Pamela Pereya
Parnet Coder
Pattee Brown
Paul Pascarella
Pat Riot
Paymeneh Ghaffari
Peter Stoessel
Phil Poirier
Phyliss Braun
Que Pasa
Ray Vinella
Rebecca Romero and John Rainey
Richard Spera
Robert Bishop and Bonnie Korman
Ron Barsano
Sananda Ra
Sally Russell
Salon Marjorie
Sam's Shop
Scott Carlson
Scott Resnick
Shanti Mohling
Solange Leboucher
Sparrow Photo
Spirits of Beauty
Spotted Bear
Starr Interiors
Susan Eichner
Susan Haugen
Suzanne and Ian Wilson
Taos Gem and Minerals
Taos Inn
Ted and Vanessa Dimond
Ten Thousand Waves
Three Dog Studio
Tierra Wood Stoves
Tijmen Brozius
Tom Noble
Tracy Turner
Vivianna Padilla
Wendy Kaggerud
William and Cat Thompson
William and Julie Shade
Yvonne Marsh