Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seth Ethan Setzer

Bienvenido a Seth Ethan Setzer, we are so happy to welcome you!

Seth Ethan was born December 30th in the pink room, to parents Micaela Giacobone and Elmar Setzer of Chiapas, Mexico. Micaela, Elmar and their six year old son Ian traveled over 3000 miles, from Chiapas to Taos, to have their baby at the Birth Center. Micaela is Joan Norris' goddaughter and was the first birth Joan ever attended.
Ian stayed up sooo late last night to greet his little brother. He's been waiting "forever" for this wonderful event. Seth Ethan weighs 7 pounds 6.5 ounces and is 20 inches long.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sadie and Scott Quintanilla

Sunday brought another incredible mama in to birth her baby in our pink room. Sadie and Scott Quintanilla welcomed their cherubic baby boy at 9:33 pm. This little one (not yet named) weighed 7 lbs 15 ozs. He is much loved and very beautiful!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Amaliya was born Sunday, December 20th in the green room at 3:03 p.m. Her mother Trisha "Tre" Eklund courageously welcomed her 6 lb 3 oz baby girl with love!

David Ryan Sanders

On Rob Sanders' birthday, his wife gave him a most amazing gift! She gave him an 8 lb 6.5 oz baby boy! David Ryan Sanders was born Sunday, December 20th at 9:24 p.m. His proud parents, Claire and Rob Sanders of Los Alamos were incredulous! We were incredulous as Claire said, "It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sarai Lizbeth Morales

This beautiful little girl, Sarai Lizbeth, was born this afternoon to Alicia Cardenas and Manuel Morales of Taos and Española. She weighs 6 pounds 6.5 ounces and is 19 inches long. We are happy to say that this is another vbac birth for our community. Congratulations to this sweet family, including big brother Diego (age 6) and big sister Chantal (age 5)!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Simon Felix Kielczewski

Sarah-Anne and Stan Kielczewski of Santa Fe welcomed their new baby boy November 19th, shortly after midnight. Sebastian is now a big brother and he was a super alert and excited observer of the birth! Simon weighs 8 lbs 3 ozs. What an incredible laborer Sarah-Anne was!

Simone Elizabeth Harris

Congratulations to Aimee and Jeff Harris as well as to this darling big brother and sister on the arrival of the newest Harris, on November 17, 2009. A beautiful waterbirth brought this 7 pound 5 ounce treasure into the arms of her family. We are so happy to have you in our lives and hope all the best for you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Khaleb Cruz

Audrey and Lukis Cruz did not have time to make it to the birth center early Sunday morning! The midwife received a phone call at 12:49 am that Audrey was beginning to contract and they thought it may be time to come in. Exactly FIVE minutes later that very same midwife got a phone call reporting that the baby had already been born!! (The billboard at the Whitten Inn, of Taos, is wrong about the 4:00 am.) Khaleb Cruz was welcomed into the world by his Father. Lukis did an amazing job catching his, not so small, son! He weighed 9 lbs 9 ozs, but apparently his weight was no deterrent to a quick and (dare I say?) easy birth! He and mom are doing beautifully. Audrey says, "I don't feel like I even gave birth!" Congratulations to this beautiful and growing family!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maximo Gonzales Mascareñas

A belated congratulations to Mandy Gonzales-Mascareñas, Fabian Mascareñas and big sister Maddy for the birth of their handsome little boy, Maximo. Max was born October 10, 2009 and is thriving. Mandy and Fabian (of Llano Quemado) wrote yesterday, "We would like to thank everybody for the great care we received at the Midwifery Center." We're so happy to have had this family in our care for both of these beautiful children!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mercedes Amadea Bourdet Gemmell

In the wee hours of the morning, at home in Miranda Canyon on November 9, 2009, Mercedes Amadea Bourdet Gemmell was born to our dear friends, Emma and Jesse Gemmell. Big brother Elijah exclaimed, "She's my little love apple, her cheeks are like little apples!"

Mercedes weighs 7 pounds, has black hair, and looks just like her mama.

Emma and Jesse, welcome to your lovely Mercedes and congratulations! So much love to all of you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joelle Elaine Cannon

Joelle Elaine Cannon was born at 12:31 pm on November 1st to parents, Lynette and Kevin Cannon of Chama and Taos. She joins big brother and sister, Nick and Sophie who are excited to have her here. She weighed 7lbs. 4oz. and measured 19 inches long. It was a beautiful and quick waterbirth!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope Charlotte Andrews-Calef

Little Hope Charlotte is already two weeks old! Born on October 17th, Hope weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces. Heather Andrews and Matthew Calef moved to Los Alamos recently for new jobs and to start their family. We are so pleased to have gotten to know them.
Congratulations, Heather and Matt, on your beautiful new daughter!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rebeca Romero Rainey, Citizen of the Year

We could have told you ourselves, but the Taos News has declared Rebeca Citizen of the Year! Thank you, Rebeca, for being President of our Board of Directors and always having time for us. Your love and concern for families in our community points to what is truly important in this life.

Love, Joan, Bobbie and Kiersten

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lukes Jude Valencia

This handsome little being, Lukes Jude Valencia, was born in the wee hours of October 17th to Donna Torrez, Trankie Valencia and big brother TJ. Lukes weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce at birth. Welcome to this newest Taoseño!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meadow Fae Landgraf

A joyous home water birth...Meadow Fae Landgraf was born at 2:23 this morning to Terri and Charles Landgraf. She weighs 9 pounds and is a very enthusiastic nurser! Grandmother Annette and sleepy siblings Michael and Zoe were there to greet her. Welcome, Meadow Fae.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Willow Kicherer

Congratulations to Whitney Lake and Dan Kicherer on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Willow. Willow was born in the water at 4:40 this morning, September 23th, weighing 8 pounds 8.5 ounces. Big brother Shade and sisters Samahni, Amani and Ilana are thrilled with their new little sis. Welcome from all the midwives, Willow, we're so glad you're here!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joseph Raymond Kenny born in the water today!

Welcome to the very newest baby boy in our community, born in the water today at 8:35 am at the Birth Center to Rebecca Whiteman, Jeremy Kenny and big sisters Tiggy and Orea. He weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces and is 20.5 inches long. "He's so cute," say his big sisters, and we agree!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Iztli Scarlet Flores Solis

This perfect little baby girl Iztli Scarlet Flores Solis was born at 10:57 pm September 10th, 2009 gently and softly in the water. Stephanie Solis and her partner Francisco were overjoyed! Little Iztli weighed 6 lbs 1.5 ozs and had a lusty cry and a full head of hair. Stephanie was accompanied by her close friend and younger sister Vanessa. What a sweet and quick birth!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Carolina Elizabeth Vasquez-Valencia

This baby girl was born in the water and in the water. That means the baby was born in it's bag of waters in the birthtub! Caroline Valencia and Angelo Vasquez happily received their baby girl Carolina Elizabeth Vasquez-Valencia. She is 8 lbs 4 ozs and has a full head of hair! Big brother, Angelo, was also very excited. "Her is cute!" he said!

Athena Soleil Fullbright

Rhea Fullbright and John Fullbright welcomed their daughter, Athena Soleil Fullbright at 11:04 pm Friday night after incredible patience and unending determination. She weighs 8 lbs 3 ozs and is 21 1/2 inches long.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anastasia Garcia Santistevan

Conratulations to Margarita Garcia and Miguel Santistevan on the birth of their daughter, Anastasia Garcia Santistevan. Anastasia was born August 17th at 10:30 in the evening in the green room and weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces. Ella es muy bella y ha traido muchisma alegría a su familia!
Bienvenida, Anastasia!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Natalia Averee Valerio

During a spectacular meteor shower and 5 minutes after walking into the birth center, Amanda Thomas and Delfino Valerio welcomed their brand new daughter, Natalia Averee Valerio, at 1:10 am on August 13, 2009. She weighs 7 lbs 14 ozs and is very loved by her big sister Neveah.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

baby girl Welch Curry

On the early morning of August's full moon, Wednesday the 5th, a beautiful little girl was born to Kindra Welch and John Curry in the green room. She weighs 7 pounds 14 oz and is 21 inches long. Kindra and John arrived from Austin, TX just 3 weeks ago to birth in Taos - a big welcome to all three of you!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Henry Judd Miller

Bobbie Boyd (Midwife at our Birth Center!!) and her husband David Miller happily birthed their baby boy Henry Judd Miller on July 28th at 8:23 am! What an incredibly beautiful baby. He weighs 7 lbs 1.8 ounces and was 19 inches long. We are so thrilled to welcome this baby into our community! We send all our love to this new little family......

Dan and Larissa Weinman

Larissa and Dan welcomed their beautiful baby boy in the pink room on July 27th at 7:47 pm. They haven't named their baby yet. He is a gorgeous and plump 7 lb 4 ouncer! A very sweet family - we are so happy they chose to birth with us!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Homebirth in Hondo

Nettaya Ben-Attar and Elad Greenvald had a sweet and magical homebirth Saturday morning in Arroyo Hondo. They welcomed the sweet (yet unnamed) baby girl at 8:36 am. She looks EXACTLY like her papa! She weighs 6 lbs 8 ozs and is 18 1/2 inches long.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Griffin Percival Becker

On June 30th, Daniel Morgan and Brett Becker welcomed their beautiful son, Griffin Percival Becker into the world! He was born at
10:41 am and weighed 8 lbs 15.7 ozs (very close to 9 lbs!) He was 21 inches long!