Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Johnny Lux Marlo Messick-Tusky

Michelle Messick pushed her beautiful big 8 lb boy out this morning at 5:50 am in the green room! Johnny Lux Marlo Messick-Tusky was welcomed by his grandmother and by his father "Blaze" Tusky from Angel Fire. Congratulations!

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Kingdom Mama said...

I am just dying right now!

I didn't even think about you guys stumbling across that post (about the "pot"). SOOO embarrassing! I hope you know I was only finding humor (not fault). There are a lot of people in my family who smoke pot, so it wasn't at all shocking to me, just funny.

But it's even funnier now that I know it wasn't pot. I didn't know anything else could smell like that!:)

P.S. I obviously run a VERY conservative blog;)