Friday, April 3, 2009

Olive Galer

Little Olive Galer was welcomed with unbelievable joy by her beautiful parents Nancy Burt and Charlie Galer. She was born Sunday, March 29th at 6:47 am Olive weighed 7 lbs. Congratulations to the newest family in Taos!


Kassandra said...

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

Ana said...

Congratulations, Nancy and Charlie.
Olive is beautiful and bold, just like a little Aries would be!
Love, Ana Easter

Rhea said...

Congratulations Charlie and Nancy! Olive is beautiful! I am so happy for you two.

Much love,
Rhea Damiani

Nancy said...

Thank You midwives for the amazing support & encouragement during my labor with Olive. You are very gifted women with a great ability to keep everything in the positive. Thank You for my beautiful birth experience, Nancy
p.s. Olive is doing great! We are madly in love!