Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ned Clark Calvert

This chunky and adorable baby Ned Clark Calvert was born to Elizabeth and Dmitri Calvert after a super fast labor at 12:07 pm. Ned weighs 9 lbs 1 oz and was 21 inches long. Ned's older brother Cedar was born in the same room almost three years ago. We love this little and growing family!


Red said...

Wow! Another fast one....Congrats Elizabeth and Dimitri! XO Red

Miquela said...

Congrats Dmitri, Elizabeth and Cedar!!
Blessings from Aaron, Miquela & Zoe Mangum

hank said...

WOW. I like everything about this email. Very happy about Ned's arrival, the place where he arrived, the family like setting, the fact that I get these wonderful family pics pronto by email, and especially the thinking and attitude that is behind this all. There is much in this world I do not agree with, but this leaves me all peaceful and calm. Keep me on the mailing list. Peace and Love to all involved. s/henry

colette said...

congrats! i remember the birth of cedar like it was yesterday! xoxo colette

james porter said...

Hi Liz, Dimitri, Cedar and Ned,

James and I are so happy to be celebrating with you all in this way. It is nice to share these beautiful photos.
Such ease in the way we can connect now.

I do hope this note finds you as well rested as a new mom can be and full of joy.

Sending big smiles and hugs
Beck and James