Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zion born!

Jessyca and Don had a beautiful birth at a home last night! At MY home last night. Due to Taos' gas crisis, our birth center is cold and there is no hot water. (Hot water is necessary for waterbirth and just for easing the pain of labor.) This sweet, peaceful little boy, Zion, was born in my bed after a quick birth. He weighs 7 lbs 5 ozs and is welcomed by his two older sisters Alcy (7), Natasha (4). It was an incredibly peaceful and special night in Miranda Canyon!


Donna said...

How cool! I mean warm.


ada. said...

hey don. . .congrats family man!
nice to see your beautiful family!

ada. said...

(haley and quin's mama)

kara said...

I love this story!! I don't know the family personally (congrats on your beautiful boy!!!) but wanted to say that this story is one that to me, exemplifies one of the MANY benefits of birthing with midwives - they flow with the moment instead of attempt to make birth accommodate them or fit their needs. Midwives allow mother and baby to dictate how things happen and work tirelessly to listen (often intuitively) to each individual situation instead of lumping every mother baby pair into a set of "standards" or "rules" created by others.
Also, instead of seeing this situation as a crisis - the midwives (and this lovely family) were able to keep this a celebration - even though it didn't go down exactly as they planned.
What a happy birth day this little guy Zion and his whole family had as a result!
Thank you Midwives for protecting the sacred event that birth really is!!

Blessings (and warm thoughts) to you all,
Kara Potter
mom to 3 boys all born with the gentle assistance of midwives (Joan and Kirsten included : ) )

COM-MET said...

My Nephew Zion is so beautiful. I miss you all and love you lots

Joan Norris said...

Congratulations to all of you! Thinking of your beautiful family from Chiapas, Mexico. I can't wait to meet Zion! love, Joan

Marc said...

mazol tov don and family..
from marc in ny,,
yes don..pooh from the college..

maryjane said...

what a beautiful family,and a new baby boy,take good care of them!good to see you!luv,maryjane