Friday, April 15, 2011

Krizia Mayer and Giles Shelton

This little boy was born right before midnight at 11:45 pm to Krizia Mayer and Giles Shelton. This little boy (unnamed) was born on his grandfather Jean's birthday. He is a beautiful boy and weighs 7 lbs .5 ozs. What a happy new, little family!


Angelia said...

Congrats Kriz!
Much love from your proud former teachers!
Angie and John

rxee said...

Fantastic!!! Congratulations we are so excited for you three.
Rox & Omar

Christian said...

Bravo Krizia!!!!
We love you! -
Congratulations to you and Giles,
Welcome to this world lil' boy!
Kri, Christine, Soléane, Angelina & Emyline (the girls) ;)

Sonja said...

Wow! I knew there was something larger than life going on! Enjoy!

pr said...

WOW!! Vida es Bonita!!! Bien trabajo Krizia & I am so happy for you & Giles. Magical... nothing less.

Kitty said...

What a darling family!!! he's precious ~ your Papa must be beaming too with his birthday buddy!
love, Kitty and Joe

Kitty said...

Congratulations darling family!! He is so precious ~lots of love from Kitty and Joe